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Encounters with Witchcraft
Encounters with Witchcraft (January 2012)
Field Notes from Africa
Norman N. Miller - Author

A renowned authority on East Africa examines the effects of witchcraft beliefs on African culture, politics, and family life.

Encounters with Witchcraft is a personal story of a young man’s fascination with African witchcraft discovered first in a trek across East Africa and the Congo. The story unfolds over four decades during the author’s long residence in and many trips to Kenya, Tanzania ...(Read More)
Wildlife, Wild Death
Wildlife, Wild Death (June 1986)
Land Use and Survival in Eastern Africa
Rodger Yeager - Editor
Norman N. Miller - Editor

"Wildlife, Wild Death directly relates the crisis of wildlife to the crisis of agricultural production and makes explicit that any solution to the former depends upon a solution to the latter. This is the book's main thesis, and it is very well drawn." -- Michael F. Lofchie, Director of the African Studies Center

This book examines the relationship between agricultural land use and wildlife protection in two eastern African countries-...(Read More)
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