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Complexity in World Politics
Complexity in World Politics (June 2006)
Concepts and Methods of a New Paradigm
Neil E. Harrison - Editor

Demonstrates that world politics is more complex than conventional models can account for.

Despite one hundred years of theorizing, scholars and practitioners alike are constantly surprised by international and global political events. The collapse of communism in Europe, the 1997 Asian financial crisis, and 9/11 have demonstrated the inadequacy of current models that depict world politics as a simple, mechanical...(Read More)
Constructing Sustainable Development
Constructing Sustainable Development (September 2000)
Neil E. Harrison - Author

Defines, analyzes, critiques, and proposes new policy solutions for achieving sustainable development.

Through a critique of the economic, technological, political, and ethical theories that are the basis for current policy, this book shows that sustainable development proposals are at least incomplete or impractical and at worst dangerously misleading.
The concept of sustainable development presents a problem for theorists and poli...(Read More)
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