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Political Assassinations by Jews
Political Assassinations by Jews (November 1992)
A Rhetorical Device for Justice
Nachman Ben-Yehuda - Author

Ben-Yehuda presents an in-depth inquiry into the nature and patterns of political assassinations and executions by Jews in Palestine and Israel. Extensive empirical evidence is used to analyze the social construction of violent and aggressive human behavior, using a sociology of deviance perspective. Political assassinations and executions are placed within their particular cultural matrix to describe how this specific form of killing has been con...(Read More)
The Politics and Morality of Deviance
The Politics and Morality of Deviance (August 1989)
Moral Panics, Drug Abuse, Deviant Science, and Reversed Stigmatization
Nachman Ben-Yehuda - Author

First, I like the fact that the author has tackled an extremely significant yet basically neglected area in sociology—the interpenetration of deviance and politics, more specifically, the political elements in deviance. Second, I like his use of 'motivational accounting systems,' which show that society is not a single moral universe whose members share the same definition of deviance and respectability, but a number of moral universe...(Read More)
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