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The Thalassocracies
The Thalassocracies (June 1971)
Molly Miller - Author

The study of chronography is a relatively new field, and Dr. Miller has once again contributed to its advancement with The Thalassocracies, her second original investigation in which she attempts to establish the chronography of events in the ancient world. This is an extension of Dr. Miller’s Sicilian Colony Dates, in which she examined the ability of the ancient Greek historians to cite dates for historical events oc...(Read More)
The Sicilian Colony Dates
The Sicilian Colony Dates (June 1970)
Molly Miller - Author

Although the fifth century B.C. marks the beginning of Greek historiography, the Greek historians claimed the ability to cite dates for events occurring and personages living before the fifth century B.C. as well as to correct each others’ dates in detail. Their work was summarized in the Chronicle of Eusebius, and, through translations, became part of the accepted historic body of knowledge in Europe and the Near East.

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