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Pedagogy of Praxis
Pedagogy of Praxis (July 1996)
A Dialectical Philosophy of Education
Moacir Gadotti - Author
John Milton - Translator
Paulo Freire - Preface by

Presents a critical, Neo-Marxist philosophy of education.

"Pedagogy of Praxis is a book about and from a critical philosophy of education. But, it is foremost a book about people, their actions, and their consciousness. Gadotti starts with the premise that human history is the product of the struggle of women and men against inequality. However, Gadotti does not seek to merely extend the Hegelian-Marxist traditio...(Read More)
Reading Paulo Freire
Reading Paulo Freire (July 1994)
His Life and Work
Moacir Gadotti - Author

"This book deals with one of the most important educators of this century. It presents the work and life of Paulo Freire in a simple, straightforward fashion. By placing the life and work of Freire in the context of the history of ideas, the book introduces the reader to the complexities of Freire's pedagogical and epistemological position. The book is accessible, and will be welcome particularly by those who may have difficulties reading Paulo Frei...(Read More)
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