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The Wreath of Wild Olive
The Wreath of Wild Olive (May 1997)
Play, Liminality, and the Study of Literature
Mihai I. Spariosu - Author

Examines the concept of play in Western thought, with special emphasis on the relationship between aesthetics and ethics, and envisions literary discourse as contributing to an alternative mentality based on peace rather than power.

“Mihai Spariosu’s book strikingly intervenes in the debate raging among the various oppositional and hegemonic discourses by advancing a new philosophy that transcends the ...(Read More)
Theories of Literary Realism
Theories of Literary Realism (April 1997)
Dario Villanueva - Author
Mihai I. Spariosu - Translator
Santiago B. Castanon - Translator

A comprehensive reexamination of the question of realism in literature, reviewing major critical approaches in Spanish, French, German, and Anglo-American literary tradition, and offering original reader-response-based theory and readings.

Realism has not only shaped important schools and periods in literary history, but has also been a fundamental constant of all literature, its first theoretical formulation being the ...(Read More)
The Play of the Self
The Play of the Self (September 1994)
Ronald Bogue - Editor
Mihai I. Spariosu - Editor

“The book covers extraordinary ground in literature, the arts, philosophy, and even the social sciences. The concern about the issue of self and the representations of self brings far-reaching ideas together in the most surprising and mutually illuminating ways. Poststructuralist and postmodernist critiques of self-identity have made the topic controversial and broadly relevant to all the fields represented. Extreme statements abound on both s...(Read More)
Building a Profession
Building a Profession (March 1994)
Autobiographical Perspectives on the History of Comparative Literature in the United States
Lionel Gossman - Editor
Mihai I. Spariosu - Editor

At a time when the study of literature and the literary canon itself are once again the focus of intense debate, Building a Profession offers a retrospective on the early days of Comparative Literature in the United States and on its role in defining literary scholarship in the heady decades following the end of the second World War. Composed of autobiographical sketches by a number of eminent comparatists, chiefly of the generation that has ...(Read More)
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