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Bringing Life to Ethics
Bringing Life to Ethics (January 2001)
Global Bioethics for a Humane Society
Michael W. Fox - Author
Bernard E. Rollin - Foreword by

Enlarges the meaning and scope of inquiry into our values, relationships, and treatment of animals, the environment, and each other.

Bringing Life to Ethics continues in the tradition of Michael W. Fox's lifelong inquiry into values, social and personal relationships, and the treatment of animals, the environment, and each other. Fox, the popular nationally syndicated columnist of "Ask the Animal Doctor", uses ...(Read More)
Laboratory Animal Husbandry
Laboratory Animal Husbandry (June 1986)
Ethology, Welfare, and Experimental Variables
Michael W. Fox - Author

This book demonstrates that good science, animal care, and humane ethics are consonant and complimentary. Many environmental and treatment-related variables that can adversely affect both the animal and the validity of research are detailed. Fox provides a critical review of present standards of laboratory animal husbandry and routine experimental procedures.

Michael Fox is Director of the Institute for the study of Animal Problems a...(Read More)
The Whistling Hunters
The Whistling Hunters (June 1985)
Field Studies of the Asiatic Wild Dog (Cuon Alpinus)
Michael W. Fox - Author

The whistling dog, or dhole, of India is a little-known, distant cousin of our domestic dog. Highly intelligent, wary of man, and elusive as a jungle predator, this rare and beautiful creature is one of the most difficult animals to study. Its very nature defies the patience and skill of the most dedicated naturalist. Yet knowledge about its habits and a more widespread understanding and appreciation of this species are essential for its protecti...(Read More)
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