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Probing in Islamic Philosophy
Probing in Islamic Philosophy (January 2005)
Studies in the Philosophies of Ibn Sina, al-Ghazali, and Other Major Muslim Thinkers
Michael E. Marmura - Author

Analyzes major Muslim philosophers.

For the historian of ideas, interest in medieval Islamic philosophy is not something new. But this interest has been intensified with the growth of a fuller awareness of the impact this philosophy has had on the development of European thought. Overemphasis of this influence, however, can distract from treating the Islamic philosophers in their own right, that is, as philosophers w...(Read More)
Islamic Theology and Philosophy
Islamic Theology and Philosophy (June 1984)
Studies in Honor of George F. Hourani
Michael E. Marmura - Editor

Some of the foremost living scholars in Islamic thought have come together to create a standard and definitive work on the subject of Islamic thought. Noted scholars from North America, Europe, and the Middle East offer new and generative interpretations of major themes in the field. They address perennial theological and philosophical questions: the nature of the God-head, the ultimate constitution of matter, the world's origin, causality, divin...(Read More)
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