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Corporate Communications for Executives
Corporate Communications for Executives (May 1998)
Michael B. Goodman - Author

This strategic tool for executives to lead, motivate, persuade, and inform numerous audiences inside and outside their organizations explores corporate communication as an executive practice.

"The topic is of considerable significance. Clearly, corporate executives today and in the future must be aware of the globalization phenomenon. This book contains some exciting information about future trends." -- Tom McPhail, Univ...(Read More)
Corporate Communication
Corporate Communication (August 1994)
Theory and Practice
Michael B. Goodman - Editor

Communication has become more complex as businesses compete globally. This book explores corporate communication as both a professional practice and as an academic discipline. The essays and case studies provide numerous perspectives on topics such as diversity, sexual harassment, global corporate communications, and communicating corporate culture. These essays are meant to stimulate thought and encourage additional research.

"This book i...(Read More)
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