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Hegel, Freedom, and Modernity
Hegel, Freedom, and Modernity (July 1992)
Merold Westphal - Author

"Merold Westphal is one of the most distinguished of contemporary commentators on Hegel. His work is replete with stimulating insights. He succeeds extraordinarily well in presenting the relevance of Hegel to a range of contemporary issues and thinkers, and thus the excitement of Hegel as a modern thinker. This is an exciting book." -- Paul Lakeland, Fairfield University

This book studies the intersection of Hegel's political theory...(Read More)
Studies in the Philosophy of J. N. Findlay
Studies in the Philosophy of J. N. Findlay (June 1985)
Robert S. Cohen - Editor
Richard M. Martin - Editor
Merold Westphal - Editor

For the first time, this volume presents a series of critical and constructive studies in the philosophy of J. N. Findlay. His contributions to both historical and systematic philosophy are examined by outstanding authors in the field, many of whom are his former students and colleagues. The value of these essays is heightened by Findlay’s own contributions: two autobiographical chapters detail the evolution of his thought and relation...(Read More)
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