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The Tact of Teaching
The Tact of Teaching (August 1991)
The Meaning of Pedagogical Thoughtfulness
Max van Manen - Author

This book is a welcome antidote to the preponderance of psychological texts that paint adult-child interactions as a series of discrete tasks and skills. While acknowledging the place of traditional skills approaches, van Manen openly, directly, and wholeheartedly addresses those dimensions of relationships that psychology cannot handle, primary among which is the elusive ability to be with children in a way that makes personal growth possible." --...(Read More)
Researching Lived Experience
Researching Lived Experience (July 1990)
Human Science for an Action Sensitive Pedagogy
Max van Manen - Author

Researching Lived Experience introduces an approach to qualitative research methodology in education and related fields that is distinct from traditional approaches derived from the behavioral or natural sciences—an approach rooted in the “everyday lived experience” of human beings in educational situations. Rather than relying on abstract generalizations and theories, van Manen offers an alternative that taps the unique natu...(Read More)
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