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Martin Buber and the Human Sciences
Martin Buber and the Human Sciences (June 1996)
Maurice Friedman - Editor

This is the first book on Buber to address the full scope of his seminal influence for any number of thinkers and fields from philosophy to psychotherapy to literary theory.

"This book is timely/past due for a current follow up source to identify the influences of this major twentieth-century thinker on his successors. I found the book hard to put down--despite coming across my desk at a busy end of term. Clearly Buber's...(Read More)
A Heart of Wisdom
A Heart of Wisdom (September 1992)
Religion and Human Wholeness
Maurice Friedman - Author

"Wisdom is a tradition of knowing that has fallen out of favor in recent decades. Piaget, among others, has called for its return. Judaism has never lost touch with this tradition and Friedman is a good exemplar. The book is most readable and stimulating. It takes a strong position rooted in Judaism and integrates a breadth of exemplification from other religions and from literature." -- Harold Coward

Drawing on almost half a century of i...(Read More)
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