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A Voice from Elsewhere
A Voice from Elsewhere (March 2007)
Maurice Blanchot - Author
Charlotte Mandell - Translator

Reflections on the enigma and secret of “literature.”

A Voice from Elsewhere represents one of Maurice Blanchot’s most important reflections on the enigma and secret of “literature.” The essays here bear down on the necessity and impossibility of witnessing what literature transmits, and—like Beckett and Kafka—on what one might call the “default” of languag...(Read More)
The Step Not Beyond
The Step Not Beyond (July 1992)
Maurice Blanchot - Author
Lycette Nelson - Translator

This book is a translation of Maurice Blanchot's work that is of major importance to late 20th-century literature and philosophy studies. Using the fragmentary form, Blanchot challenges the boundaries between the literary and the philosophical. With the obsessive rigor that has always marked his writing, Blanchot returns to the themes that have haunted his work since the beginning: writing, death, transgression, the neuter, but here the figures a...(Read More)
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