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Cultural and Critical Perspectives on Human Development
Cultural and Critical Perspectives on Human Development (October 2001)
Martin J. Packer - Editor
Mark B. Tappan - Editor

An array of exciting new studies of child and adolescent development phenomena.

Unique in its attention to both cultural and critical perspectives, this book contributes strongly to the advance of developmental psychology beyond the cognitive-developmental paradigm that has defined the field for the past quarter century. It provides insights from critical pedagogy, cultural psychology, feminism, postmodernism, critical theory, a...(Read More)
Entering the Circle
Entering the Circle (July 1989)
Hermeneutic Investigation in Psychology
Martin J. Packer - Editor
Richard B. Addison - Editor

"This book presents under one cover some of the best or most developed examples of interpretive investigation to date. It also does a solid job of proving the theory and rationale for this type of inquiry and analysis, but most importantly it collects superior and exemplary instances of it for researchers, students, and teachers. The conceptual framework provided for the book is clearly presented and works exceptionally well for identifying problems...(Read More)
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