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Two Confessions
Two Confessions (September 2015)
María Zambrano - Author
Rosa Chacel - Author
Noël Valis - Translator
Carol Maier - Translator

First English translation of these important works by two of Spain’s most gifted writers and intellectuals.
Following the defeat of the Second Spanish Republic, María Zambrano (1904–1991) and Rosa Chacel (1898–1994), two of Spain’s most gifted intellectuals and writers, wrote compelling meditations on the meaning of confession in life and literature. Noël Valis and Carol Maier provide the first ...(Read More)
Delirium and Destiny
Delirium and Destiny (January 1999)
A Spaniard in Her Twenties
María Zambrano - Author
Carol Maier - Translator
Roberta Johnson - Commentary

Written by one of twentieth-century Spain's most prominent intellectuals, this book--part memoir, part lyrical novel--is both a Bildungsroman about a young woman's intellectual formation during a crucial period of Spanish history (1929-1931) and a philosophical meditation upon the individual's place in society.

"This book offers unique insights provided by a woman who was actively involved in the intellectual, historical,...(Read More)
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