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International Disaster Management Ethics
International Disaster Management Ethics (October 2016)
Liza Ireni Saban - Author

Responds to the demanding political and ethical challenges faced by the international disaster management community.

Today’s international disaster management community faces demanding political and ethical challenges. In International Disaster Management Ethics, Liza Ireni Saban suggests that it is crucial for international aid organizations engaged in disaster management to attempt to lift the mor...(Read More)
Disaster Emergency Management
Disaster Emergency Management (July 2014)
The Emergence of Professional Help Services for Victims of Natural Disasters
Liza Ireni Saban - Author

Examines how public officials in the US, China, Japan, and Indonesia have interacted with communities affected by natural disasters.

Survival in times of disaster is a question of utmost importance to both the victims of those events and to the professionals and people in authority who are there to serve them. In Disaster Emergency Management, Liza Ireni Saban examines what leads some nations, communities...(Read More)
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