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Productive Postmodernism
Productive Postmodernism (December 2001)
Consuming Histories and Cultural Studies
John N. Duvall - Editor
Linda Hutcheon - Afterword

Investigates a broad range of contemporary fiction, film, and architecture to address the role of history in postmodern cultural productions.

Productive Postmodernism
addresses the differing accounts of postmodernism found in the work of Fredric Jameson and Linda Hutcheon, a debate that centers around the two theorists' senses of pastiche and parody. For Jameson, postmodern texts are ahistorical, playing with pa...(Read More)
A Postmodern Reader
A Postmodern Reader (July 1993)
Joseph Natoli - Editor
Linda Hutcheon - Editor

Those who recognize that the concept of postmodernism is with us to stay and who meet the necessary responsibility of bringing it to our students will welcome this book. It is ample in its offerings; and from the point of view of the potential user, the convenience and utility of the collection are prime virtues.

"The mix is refreshing. The selections are both varied and representative; they touch on essential aspects of the topic and exhau...(Read More)
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