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Representation and the Text
Representation and the Text (August 1997)
Re-Framing the Narrative Voice
William G. Tierney - Editor
Yvonna S. Lincoln - Editor

Focuses on authorial representations of contested reality in qualitative research.

This book focuses on representations of contested realities in qualitative research. The authors examine two separate, but interrelated, issues: criticisms of how researchers use "voice," and suggestions about how to develop experimental voices that expand the range of narrative strategies.

Changing relationships be...(Read More)
The China Factor in Modern Japanese Thought
The China Factor in Modern Japanese Thought (July 1996)
The Case of Tachibana Shiraki, 1881-1945
Lincoln Li - Author

Examines the ideas of Tachibana Shiraki (1881-1945), a revisionist within the Japanese Kangaku tradition, which focused on incorporating Chinese elements into Japanese culture. Tachibana advocated the study of popular culture as the key to understanding contemporary society.

"Li has done an excellent job explaining how a Japanese political thinker can develop a program for China's future which rejects Western lib...(Read More)
Student Nationalism in China, 1924-1949
Student Nationalism in China, 1924-1949 (January 1994)
Lincoln Li - Author

Li examines the critical role of the younger generation as a political force, influenced by the cultural and ideological debates during China's reunification in 1927 and again in 1949. He focuses on key organizations to illustrate how political parties turned explosive, national feelings into an organized political force. Li shows how Chinese student nationalism, despite its radical image, represents a prominent feature of continuity in Chinese soc...(Read More)
Teresa - A Woman
Teresa - A Woman (June 1985)
A Biography of Teresa of Avila
Victoria Lincoln - Author

She was a saint, a mystic, a reformer, a legend, and she was a fascinating and complex woman. This is the first full-scale biography of Saint Teresa of Avila from a human, nonconfessional point of view. Victoria Lincoln immersed herself thoroughly in all of Saint Teresa's writings, including her extensive correspondence. She has reconstructed the inner life of this rigorous reformer of the Carmelite Order and disciplined explorer of mystical experie...(Read More)
L'Amorosa Ero
L'Amorosa Ero (June 1968)
Harry B. Lincoln - Editor/translator

In 1588, in Brescia, Italy, one Marc'-Antonio Martinengo, Count of Villachiara, composed the text and music for a madrigal titled L'Amorosa Ero. He then commissioned seventeen other Italian musicians to compose on the same text and, "pleased with the results" (according to the preface), he had the collection printed. For students of the history of the Italian madrigal and the development of its style, L'Amorosa Ero offers a rare opp...(Read More)
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