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The Orders of Nature
The Orders of Nature (January 2013)
Lawrence Cahoone - Author

2015 John N. Findlay Award in Metaphysics, presented by the Metaphysical Society of America

A systematic theory of naturalism, bridging metaphysics and the science of complexity and emergence.

Reviving and modernizing the tradition of post‑Darwinian naturalism, The Orders of Nature draws on philosophy and the natural sciences to present a naturalistic theory ...(Read More)
The Ends of Philosophy
The Ends of Philosophy (January 1995)
Lawrence Cahoone - Author

This is a critique of Peirce, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Buchler, Derrida, and Rorty as anti-realists, showing that each of these philosophers affirms some form of self-undermining relativism that cannot account for itself.
The issue is, "can philosophy attain knowledge at all?" This book seeks a deep and comprehensive confrontation between the foundationalist aims of traditional philosophy, the postmodern critique, and the pragmatic attem...(Read More)
The Dilemma of Modernity
The Dilemma of Modernity (October 1987)
Philosophy, Culture, and Anti-Culture
Lawrence Cahoone - Author

"I believe this is the most original and creative philosophy of modern Western culture since The Dialectic of Enlightenment in the 1940s. It shows how even the critics from whom the book draws insights remain within the confines of subjectivism. Cahoone's argument for a non-subjectivist culture, and for non-subjectivist philosophy of culture, makes a decisive contribution to the restoration of philosophy to its proper a...(Read More)
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