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The Trauma Controversy
The Trauma Controversy (October 2009)
Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Dialogues
Kristen Brown Golden - Editor
Bettina G. Bergo - Editor

Provides multiple and accessible perspectives on trauma both as a condition and as a cultural phenomenon.

More than a psychiatric or spiritual condition, trauma is an experience that exceeds the capacity of language to fix and settle it. As trauma crosses the lives of individuals and erupts into cultural and historical collectivities, it invites comparison with psychological dilemmas. But how best to compare indivi...(Read More)
Nietzsche and Embodiment
Nietzsche and Embodiment (January 2006)
Discerning Bodies and Non-dualism
Kristen Brown Golden - Author

Examines the significance of Nietzsche’s writings for contemporary debates about embodiment.

In Nietzsche and Embodiment Kristen Brown reveals the smartness of bodies, challenging the traditional view in the West that bodies are separate from and morally inferior to minds. Drawing inspiration from Nietzsche, Brown vividly describes why the interdependence of mind and body matters, both in Nietzsche’...(Read More)
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