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Crafts in the World Market
Crafts in the World Market (August 1993)
The Impact of Global Exchange on Middle American Artisans
June C. Nash - Editor

"What I like most about the book is the elucidation of the multifaceted nature of craft production in Latin America. It offers the reader a telescoping of perspective, from the microscopic factors of individual motivation and reward in craftwork to the macroscopic influence of world market conditions and intercultural perceptions of 'authenticity' and 'quality.'" -- Michael Coy, St. Mary's College of Maryland

The growing exchange of traditio...(Read More)
From Tank Town to High Tech
From Tank Town to High Tech (August 1989)
The Clash of Community and Industrial Cycles
June C. Nash - Author

"This work is particularly interesting for its attention not only to industrial workers and their families, but for the portrayal of the social system in which their lives take on shape and meaning. This is an important book on the many ways in which work matters in a capitalistic society. Professor Nash, as always, makes sense of the diversity before us and finds its significance in global forces of change." -- Carol J. Greenhouse, Cornell Univer...(Read More)
Women, Men, and the International Division of Labor
Women, Men, and the International Division of Labor (June 1984)
June C. Nash - Editor
Maria P. Fernandez-Kelly - Editor

The last few decades have witnessed a growing integration of the world system of production on the basis of a new relationship between less developed and highly industrialized countries. The effect is a geographical dispersion of the various production stages in the manufacturing process as the large corporations of industrialized "First World" countries are attracted by low labor costs, taxes, and relaxed production restrictions available in develo...(Read More)
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