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Innovative Congressional Minimum Standards Preemption Statutes
Innovative Congressional Minimum Standards Preemption Statutes (March 2016)
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Examines a new type of federal preemption statute popular since 1965 that allows states to retain a certain amount of regulatory discretion, with a focus on environmental statutes.

Congress possesses broad regulatory powers, including the power of complete or partial preemption of state and local regulatory powers. Congress rarely enacted preemption statutes before the twentieth century, but since the 1960s suc...(Read More)
Unifying the Nation
Unifying the Nation (March 2015)
Article IV of the United States Constitution
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

In-depth examination of a rarely studied article of the United States Constitution.

While there is a vast amount of scholarship on the US Constitution, very little of it addresses Article IV. The article’s first section, the Full Faith and Credit Clause, requires that individual states must respect “the public acts, accords, and judicial proceedings of every other state,” and the second section, th...(Read More)
The Initiative
The Initiative (November 2014)
Citizen Lawmaking, Second Edition
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Examines the origins, spread, and effectiveness of the initiative.

The initiative is the product of the populist movement, which in the late nineteenth century sought to increase voter control of what were viewed as unrepresentative state and local governments. Today, twenty-four states allow registered voters to place proposed state laws on the referendum ballot, and eighteen states authorize voters to place pro...(Read More)
The Recall, Second Edition
The Recall, Second Edition (January 2014)
Tribunal of the People
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

In-depth study of the recall, the most important popular device allowing voters to remove unresponsive elected officials from office.
The recall, or “election in reverse,” is meant to allow voters to remove an elected official from office prior to the completion of his/her term in office. In this revised second edition of The Recall, Joseph F. Zimmerman examines the rise of the recall in the United States and its use by A...(Read More)
Interstate Water Compacts
Interstate Water Compacts (December 2012)
Intergovernmental Efforts to Manage America's Water Resources
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Examines intergovernmental efforts within the United States to manage the nation’s water supply.

Long taken for granted, water resources are rapidly becoming a contentious issue within American politics. Continuing population growth and rapid development, coupled with environmental events such as droughts, have led to increasing water shortages in sections of the nation. In Interstate Water Compacts...(Read More)
Interstate Cooperation, Second Edition
Interstate Cooperation, Second Edition (June 2012)
Compacts and Administrative Agreements
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

First in-depth examination of the various forms of interstate cooperation and their central role promoting a successful federal system of government in the United States.

Cooperative interstate relations are essential for maintaining the economic and political union established by the United States Constitution. Despite this importance, the study of interstate compacts, federal-state compacts, and interstate admi...(Read More)
State-Local Governmental Interactions
State-Local Governmental Interactions (May 2012)
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Examines the little-explored topic of relations between state governments and their respective local governments.

Relations between state governments and their respective local governments are of crucial importance, yet they have remained largely unexplored by scholars. This neglect is all the more surprising in light of the fact that most public services are provided directly to citizens by general-purpose local...(Read More)
Horizontal Federalism
Horizontal Federalism (May 2011)
Interstate Relations
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Provides detailed information and an analysis of interstate relations, and advances recommendations to improve the economic and political union.

Cooperative interstate relations are essential for the maintenance of the economic union and the political union established by a confederacy or a federacy. This suggests that interstate relations would be featured prominently in the literature of the U.S. federal system...(Read More)
Regulating the Business of Insurance in a Federal System
Regulating the Business of Insurance in a Federal System (December 2010)
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Analysis on a dual insurance regulation system and its effectiveness relevant to the current system of regulation.

In Regulating the Business of Insurance in a Federal System, Joseph F. Zimmerman provides an up-to-date historical description and analysis of the regulation of the business of insurance in the United States. He focuses on the controversial issue of whether Congress should authorize opti...(Read More)
Congress (January 2010)
Facilitator of State Action
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

An insightful reassessment of the relationship between the U.S. Congress and the states.

Reassessing the relationship between the federal government and the states, Congress: Facilitator of State Action examines how the U.S. Congress routinely and necessarily devolves power to the states. A host of congressional statutes reveal the ways in which the U.S. Congress facilitates state action to solve certain probl...(Read More)
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