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The Wisdom of the Mystic East
The Wisdom of the Mystic East (August 2001)
Suhrawardi and Platonic Orientalism
John Walbridge - Author

An expert on the thought of medieval Islamic philosopher Suhrawardi argues that philosophers have romanticized this work as a revival of “oriental” wisdom.

Twelfth-century Islamic philosopher Suhrawardi attempted to revive Platonism in an era of Avicennan Aristotelianism. Modern scholars have portrayed Suhrawardi as wishing to revive an “oriental” wisdom and associate him with ancient Persia. In th...(Read More)
The Leaven of the Ancients
The Leaven of the Ancients (November 1999)
Suhrawardi and the Heritage of the Greeks
John Walbridge - Author

Provides an account of Islamic philosopher Suhrawardi’s revival of Neoplatonism.

"This is an original and provocative work in the area of Suhrawardian studies that challenges the existing interpretations of Suhrawardi's concept of the history of philosophy and offers an alternative perspective." -- Mehdi Aminrazavi, author of Suhrawardi and the School of Illumination

The twelfth-century Persi...(Read More)
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