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Promise and Betrayal
Promise and Betrayal (July 2005)
Universities and the Battle for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods
John I. Gilderbloom - Author
R. L. Mullins Jr. - Author
Henry Cisneros - Foreword by

Argues that universities can help revitalize poor neighborhoods.

Traditionally, institutions of higher education have been viewed as the gateway to a better future, despite the fact that so many of the neighborhoods surrounding them have been filled with hopelessness and despair. In Promise and Betrayal, the authors want nothing less than to start a revolution in higher education, calling on partnerships betwee...(Read More)
Community versus Commodity
Community versus Commodity (February 1992)
Tenants and the American City
Stella M. Capek - Author
John I. Gilderbloom - Author

"This is a significant contribution to the literature of rental housing and of tenants as a social group. A major portion of the book is a comparison between Santa Monica where a 'rainbow coalition' of renters, seniors, environmentalists, and liberals put together an extraordinarily progressive government, and its free-enterprise antithesis, Houston. Santa Monica's success in coalition politics led to a strong rent control law, affordable housing,...(Read More)
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