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Expanding the Circle
Expanding the Circle (February 2015)
Creating an Inclusive Environment in Higher Education for LGBTQ Students and Studies
John C. Hawley - Editor

Examines strategies and best practices that effectively integrate LGBTQ areas of teaching and research with student life activities.

Many educational professionals agree that the time has come to expand their circle of inclusion and broaden their definition of diversity by increasing LGBTQ studies, but the question of how to do so is still debated. Although some colleges and universities have been incorporating LG...(Read More)
Postcolonial, Queer
Postcolonial, Queer (August 2001)
Theoretical Intersections
John C. Hawley - Editor

Uses postcolonial theory to critique the globalization of gay culture.

"John Hawley's Postcolonial, Queer is one of the best handbooks examining the intersection of postcolonial and queer that I have seen. It reprints some classic papers, such as Joseph Boone's essay on the homoerotics of Orientalism (from the PMLA) and includes a series of brilliant new essays running the gamut from close literary analysis of North Afric...(Read More)
Cross-Addressing (July 1996)
Resistance Literature and Cultural Borders
John C. Hawley - Editor

Using a "cultural studies" approach to the question of what constitutes literary study at the end of the twentieth century, the contributors address identity politics in specific cultural instances.

The sixteen original essays by scholars from around the world examine concerns common to writers who experience marginalization based upon their inescapable identification with two or more cultures. From Australian aboriginal and Maori, to ...(Read More)
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