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Reforming Schools
Reforming Schools (July 2006)
Working within a Progressive Tradition during Conservative Times
Jesse Goodman - Author

Portrays the progressive school reform work of the Harmony Education Center over a 12-year period.

In Reforming Schools, Jesse Goodman discusses the possibilities, struggles, and complexities involved in reforming today’s schools. Drawing from his own experiences at the Harmony Education Center—a progressive educational center he helped establish in 1990—Goodman offers a vision of how to...(Read More)
Elementary Schooling for Critical Democracy
Elementary Schooling for Critical Democracy (February 1992)
Jesse Goodman - Author
Jeff Kuzmic - With
Xioyang Wu - With

This book examines the way in which elementary schooling can be used as a means to encourage critical democracy in the United States. It focuses primarily on the dialectical tensions and issues that emerge from the conflicting values of individuality and community through a portrayal of an independent elementary school committed to democratic education.

"We believe that educators should be on the front lines of a reform movement to make crit...(Read More)
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