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For Girls Only
For Girls Only (February 1999)
Making a Case for Single-Sex Schooling
Janice L. Streitmatter - Author

"This book begins where others end--by addressing issues about the legality of single-sex schools and classes and the dilemmas they pose for teachers and administrators. The whole book is very insightful and brilliant." -- Cornelius Riordan, Providence College

For Girls Only examines research and public policy regarding single-sex schooling, especially girls-only classes in public, coeducational schools. Since the passage of Title IX i...(Read More)
Toward Gender Equity in the Classroom
Toward Gender Equity in the Classroom (February 1994)
Everyday Teachers' Beliefs and Practices
Janice L. Streitmatter - Author

Rather than simply examining gender differences in student performance, this book presents various aspects and considerations of gender equity in classroom teaching through conversations with and observations of eight teachers. It highlights the differences between teacher beliefs and practices, shows how educational institutions contribute to the formation or development of those beliefs and practices, and describes how individual te...(Read More)
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