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Social Construction and the Logic of Money
Social Construction and the Logic of Money (January 2003)
Financial Predominance and International Economic Leadership
J. Samuel Barkin - Author

Examines the nature of international economic leadership since the seventeenth century.

While other studies of international leadership have looked at a variety of measures to predict behavior, this book demonstrates that the key factor is international finance. J. Samuel Barkin uses an innovative blend of rationalist and constructivist methodologies, approaches to international political economy that normally exist i...(Read More)
Anarchy and the Environment
Anarchy and the Environment (May 1999)
The International Relations of Common Pool Resources
J. Samuel Barkin - Editor
George E. Shambaugh - Editor

Argues that the logic of common pool resources is the most appropriate and productive way to understand international environmental conflict, and offers important practical insights into environmental negotiations and bargaining.

"International environmental problems are of rising salience in the field and this book promises to be highly relevant for all of them. While the focus of the book--Common Pool Resources-- ...(Read More)
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