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Writing the Politics of Difference
Writing the Politics of Difference (July 1991)
Hugh J. Silverman - Editor

This book addresses various phases of continental philosophy, both in the context of its multiple traditions and in relation to the alternatives that mark the understanding of its present and future. Divided into two parts, the authors first focus on the diversity of traditions in continental philosophy in connection with the texts of Hegel, Marx, Kierkegaard, Sartre, and De Beauvoir. Second, they explore the reality of social, political, sexual, an...(Read More)
The Textual Sublime
The Textual Sublime (January 1990)
Deconstruction and Its Differences
Hugh J. Silverman - Editor
Gary E. Aylesworth - Editor

This book addresses the question of deconstruction by asking what it is and discussing its alternatives. To what extent does deconstruction derive from a philosophical stance, and to what extent does it depend upon a set of strategies, moves, and rhetorical practices that result in criticism? Special attention is given to the formulations offered by Jacques Derrida (in relation to Heidegger's philosophy) and by Paul de Man (in relation to Kant's the...(Read More)
Postmodernism and Continental Philosophy
Postmodernism and Continental Philosophy (April 1988)
Hugh J. Silverman - Editor
Donn Welton - Editor

The volume begins with a major statement by the French feminist culture critic Julia Kristeva and includes essays by well-known and also younger continental philosophers writing in the North American context and reassessing the European heritage, its limits and effective futures.

The future of postmodernism is assessed in terms of key themes: from the language of desire, the limits of representation, and the revaluation of values, to the femi...(Read More)
Critical and Dialectical Phenomenology
Critical and Dialectical Phenomenology (September 1987)
Donn Welton - Editor
Hugh J. Silverman - Editor

This book draws together some of the most important recent work in the areas of semiotics, critical theory, epistemology, and psychology. It contains a new essay by Karl-Otto Apel on the possibility of transcendental semiotics, as well as essays on the relationship between hermeneutics and critical theory, the nature of dialectical phenomenology, analyses of epistemic foundations, the hermeneutics of people and places, and there is a critique of co...(Read More)
Descriptions (September 1985)
Don Ihde - Editor
Hugh J. Silverman - Editor

Phenomenology in America has developed in unique directions with respect to descriptive analysis and in relation to interdisciplinary fields. Descriptions examines current trends in phenomenology. It begins by reflecting on phenomenological description itself, then takes phenomenology into such areas as time, science and the arts, the social, and into the universities.

Ranging from the development of theory by such wel...(Read More)
Hermeneutics and Deconstruction
Hermeneutics and Deconstruction (September 1985)
Hugh J. Silverman - Editor
Don Ihde - Editor

Hermeneutics and Deconstruction provides an assessment of two dominant modes of thinking and writing in continental philosophy today. It addresses central issues in the theory of interpretation and in the strategies of textual reading. Placed in the context of contemporary philosophical practice, this volume raises the question of the “end” of philosophy and offers different ways of understanding how the question of “clo...(Read More)
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