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Diplomat of the Americas
Diplomat of the Americas (June 1977)
A Biography of William I. Buchanan, 1852-1909
Harold F. Peterson - Author

Called “one of the three most successful envoys to South America during the nation’s first 150 years,” Buchanan served under four presidents.

“This readable biography will be of interest to a wide range of specialists, and it serves to demonstrate the shifting concerns of American diplomacy during the years of the Republic’s initial outward thrust.” — Pacific Historical Rev...(Read More)
Argentina and the United States 1810-1960
Argentina and the United States 1810-1960 (June 1964)
Harold F. Peterson - Author

Dr. Peterson’s book is the first, in English or Spanish, to encompass the entire sweep of Argentine-American relations from the time of Argentina’s revolt against Spain in 1810 to the close of its 150th year of independence. Through comprehensive analysis and narrative, this study illuminates one of the most enigmatic areas of Western Hemisphere relationships.

From what would seem to be a bewildering array of ...(Read More)
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