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Developing Communication Theories
Developing Communication Theories (August 1997)
Gerry Philipsen - Editor
Terrance L. Albrecht - Editor

Leading scholars present the principal findings and conclusions of a long-term program of research into the nature and dynamics of human communication.

"One of the most telling criticisms of the field of communication is that it lacks a comprehensive, well-developed theoretical structure. This book both supports this criticism in some of the chapters, where a continuous shifting and borrowing of bits and pieces of a num...(Read More)
Speaking Culturally
Speaking Culturally (November 1992)
Explorations in Social Communication
Gerry Philipsen - Author

Speaking Culturally presents case studies of two cultures, focusing on how speaking is thematized and enacted in each. The Teamsterville culture is drawn from the author's studies of the spoken life of an urban, working-class neighborhood in Chicago, while the Nacirema culture draws upon studies of communication among middle-class Americans, primarily on the West Coast.

Using fieldwork conducted over a period of twenty years, Philipse...(Read More)
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