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Government Budgeting
Government Budgeting (June 2015)
A Practical Guidebook
George M. Guess - Author

Practitioner-oriented sampling of the major tools used to deal with current public-sector fiscal issues.

Directed at state and local financial managers, Government Budgeting presents, in a short and succinct manner, a sampling of the major tools used to deal with current fiscal problems. George M. Guess provides examples from a number of states and localities and explains how to use them in diverse situ...(Read More)
Comparative Public Budgeting
Comparative Public Budgeting (November 2010)
Global Perspectives on Taxing and Spending
George M. Guess - Author
Lance T. LeLoup - Author

Holistic, comparative analysis of multiple budget systems and contexts.

Increasingly, governments must respond to the negative impacts of global economic crises on their revenues to finance needed services, and the collapse of their real industrial and financial-banking sectors. How they respond most effectively is a new study area which demands sharing of lessons between nations on government fiscal policies...(Read More)
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