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Modes of Learning
Modes of Learning (June 2012)
Whitehead's Metaphysics and the Stages of Education
George Allan - Author

A highly accessible reading of Whitehead’s writings on education and their connection to his metaphysics.

Educators are familiar with Alfred North Whitehead’s three stages of education: romance, precision, and generalization. Philosophers are familiar with his metaphysical theories about the primacy of temporal processes. In Modes of Learning, George Allan brings these two sides of Whiteh...(Read More)
Higher Education in the Making
Higher Education in the Making (February 2004)
Pragmatism, Whitehead, and the Canon
George Allan - Author

Argues for a pragmatic canon always in need of renovation.

George Allan argues that the so-called "culture wars" in higher education are the result of the dogmatic and unyielding certainty that both canonists and anti-canonists bring to any discussion of how best to organize an undergraduate curriculum. He then proposes a middle way. Drawing from William James, John Dewey, and Alfred North Whitehead, he cont...(Read More)
The Patterns of the Present
The Patterns of the Present (November 2001)
Interpreting the Authority of Form
George Allan - Author

An original philosophical treatise on form and the foundations of social value.
The third volume in a trilogy by George Allan, The Patterns of the Present argues that organisms, persons, and cultures are all meaningful systems, and that the ontological conditions necessary for their sustained systemic unity provide a normative standard--ideals of virtue and responsibility--by which individuals can judge how best to live their live...(Read More)
The Realizations of the Future
The Realizations of the Future (October 1990)
An Inquiry into the Authority of Praxis
George Allan - Author

“I like both its style and substance, how the book is written and what it says. The term 'inquiry' in the subtitle is well chosen, for throughout the work one gets the sense of probing, one experiences what Whitehead called the 'adventure of ideas.' Having read Allan's The Importances of the Past, I am also impressed by both the parallels between Importances and Realizations and the way the latter ...(Read More)
The Importances of the Past
The Importances of the Past (November 1985)
A Meditation on the Authority of Tradition
George Allan - Author

This book examines tradition, the authority of the past, by tracing the process through which emotion and imagination transform everyday experience into an awareness of one's dependence on the work of predecessors. The King Arthur legend serves as a case study, outlining how this authority of tradition creates and sustains meaningful structures of social order.

“This is a strikingly beautiful piece of philosophical...(Read More)
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