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Womanist Forefathers
Womanist Forefathers (September 2009)
Frederick Douglass and W. E. B. Du Bois
Gary L. Lemons - Author

Traces a lineage of pro-feminist black men to two early radical proponents of female equality.

What role did African American men have in the early twentieth-century struggle for women’s suffrage? How is gender significant to the historical and contemporary struggles for African American liberation? In Womanist Forefathers, Gary L. Lemons examines the memoirs and political writings on women by Frederic...(Read More)
Black Male Outsider
Black Male Outsider (January 2008)
Teaching as a Pro-Feminist Man
Gary L. Lemons - Author

One man’s account of becoming a feminist professor.

This fascinating book traces the development of the author’s consciousness as a black male pro-feminist professor. Gary L. Lemons explores the meaning of black male feminism by examining his experiences at the New York City college where he taught for more than a decade—a small, private, liberal arts college where the majority of the studen...(Read More)

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