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Written at Imperial Command
Written at Imperial Command (March 2008)
Panegyric Poetry in Early Medieval China
Fusheng Wu - Author

Explores both the literary features and historical context of poetry written for imperial rulers during China’s early medieval period.

This is the first book-length study of panegyric poetry—yingzhao shi or poetry presented to imperial rulers—in the Chinese tradition. Examining poems written during the Wei-Jin Nanbeichao, or early medieval period (220–619), Fusheng Wu provides a th...(Read More)
The Poetics of Decadence
The Poetics of Decadence (April 1998)
Chinese Poetry of the Southern Dynasties and Late Tang Periods
Fusheng Wu - Author

A reconsideration of Chinese decadent (tuifei) poetry which argues that this poetry is not a marginal trend but rather a vital part of the Chinese literary tradition.

"Wu has made a major contribution to the field. The poetics of decadence is a neglected subject in the study of classical Chinese poetry. The author's erudition and thoroughness are admirable." -- Shuen-fu Lin, The University of Michigan

This intertextual st...(Read More)
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