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Pacem in Terris
Pacem in Terris (December 2011)
A Love Story
Frederick Franck - Author
John Lewis Stage - Photographer

“Here insights that clash in the chill of the brain seem to fuse easily in the warmth of the heart and beget a religious orientation to life as such, to Existence as the Mystery of Mysteries.” — from Pacem in Terris: A Love Story

Thirty years ago, Frederick Franck began work on a property he and his wife Claske had acquired in Warwick, New York. Originals of his world-renowned sculptures ...(Read More)
A Passion for Seeing
A Passion for Seeing (August 2010)
On Being an Image Maker
Frederick Franck - Author

A Passion for Seeing gathers a rare feast of stories, impressions, and observations from a writer and artist known for his keen honesty, great heart, and passionate pursuit of the question: what does it mean to be human? Carefully chosen excerpts from many of his books and over a dozen new drawings are among the treasures included.

In A Passion for Seeing, Frederick Franck establishes himself as a ...(Read More)
Seeing Venice
Seeing Venice (August 2010)
An Eye in Love
Frederick Franck - Author

.“Venice is so much more than canals, bridges, gondolas. It is an unbroken sequence of ever-changing moods; festive, frivolous, elegiac and melancholy, forever foreign yet totally intimate.” — from Seeing Venice

Take a luminous journey deep into the heart of hidden Venice with Frederick Franck as your guide. His quietly evocative drawings and descriptions bring to vivid life the city of i...(Read More)
Ode to the Human Face
Ode to the Human Face (August 2010)
Seeing/Molding the Human Face as Meditation
Frederick Franck - Author
Luz Piedad Lopez - Photographer

In this compact, visually powerful book, author and artist Frederick Franck offers his contemplations on the mystery of the human face. Inspired by the rediscovery of a series of small clay faces, which he had molded and fired over the course of many years, Franck reflects on the deeper meaning of what it means to be truly human. Paired with texts from great wisdom teachers such as Hui Neng, Dogen, and Angelius Silesius, as well as Franck&rs...(Read More)
A Zen Book of Hours
A Zen Book of Hours (August 2010)
Frederick Franck - Author

“When at seventeen I had become a medical student in Holland, my eye fell on a slim volume that carried in large yellow characters the title ZEN. This was in 1926, when Zen was still unknown in the West.

“Zen has been to me that which brings us into intimate contact with the world around us and, at the same time, with ourselves. This book, a revised edition of Echoes from the Bottomless Well,cam...(Read More)
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