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Moral Strangers, Moral Acquaintance, and Moral Friends
Moral Strangers, Moral Acquaintance, and Moral Friends (December 1996)
Connectedness and its Conditions
Erich H. Loewy - Author

Elaborates an ethic in which beneficence on a personal and communal level has moral force; proposes the idea of an interplay between compassion and reason to help address moral problems; and sketches the conditions necessary for a democratic approach to such problems.

This book addresses an essential theme in bioethics and ethics, namely, the different obligations to moral strangers, acquaintances, and friends. A...(Read More)
Freedom and Community
Freedom and Community (August 1993)
The Ethics of Interdependence
Erich H. Loewy - Author

In this book, Loewy grounds communitarian ethics in contemporary terms, particularly as a response to the intractable social problems in the United States and the shocking collapse of the Soviet Union and Soviet-style communism. He goes far beyond his work in ethics to date, moving from a dialectical relationship between community and autonomy to a notion in which the ends and means of both community and individual interact to produce a h...(Read More)
Suffering and the Beneficent Community
Suffering and the Beneficent Community (October 1991)
Beyond Libertarianism
Erich H. Loewy - Author
David C. Thomasma - Foreword by

This book grounds ethics in the capacity for suffering shared by all sentient beings, and sees the avoidance and amelioration of suffering as the prima facie condition of moral interaction. Loewy sees social contract as originating in the original nurturing of individuals, and selfhood and autonomy as emerging in the embrace of beneficence. Communities thus have an implicit obligation to their members, which necessitates a just distribution...(Read More)
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