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Returning to Irigaray
Returning to Irigaray (November 2006)
Feminist Philosophy, Politics, and the Question of Unity
Maria C. Cimitile - Editor
Elaine P. Miller - Editor

Leading scholars examine the relation between Irigaray’s early writings and her later, more political work.

Luce Irigaray is one of the most influential philosophers and theorists in the field of feminist thought, and her work is considered both revolutionary and controversial. This volume offers the first critical assessment of the relation of her early critical and poetic writings to her later political and p...(Read More)

The Vegetative Soul
The Vegetative Soul (August 2002)
From Philosophy of Nature to Subjectivity in the Feminine
Elaine P. Miller - Author

Rethinks the soul in plant-like terms rather than animal, drawing from nineteenth-century philosophy of nature.

The Vegetative Soul demonstrates that one significant resource for the postmodern critique of subjectivity can be found in German Idealism and Romanticism, specifically in the philosophy of nature. Miller demonstrates that the perception of German Idealism and Romanticism as the culmination of the philos...(Read More)
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