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Beyond Representational Correctness
Beyond Representational Correctness (March 2008)
Rethinking Criticism of Popular Media
Edward Schiappa - Author

Argues that representational correctness can cause critics to miss the positive work that films and television shows can perform in reducing prejudice.

Representational correctness describes an implicit set of norms, including accuracy, purity, and innocence, that guide much of popular media criticism. In this provocative book, Edward Schiappa argues that representational correctness is unproductive, antagonistic t...(Read More)
Warranting Assent
Warranting Assent (March 1995)
Case Studies in Argument Evaluation
Edward Schiappa - Editor

This book is a book about how individuals decide that arguments (or excuses) are valid or invalid, sound or unsound, strong or weak, ethical or unethical, with many examples and applications.

This book brings together essays that demonstrate the art of argument evaluation. The essays apply a variety of theoretical approaches to specific, historically-situated arguments in order to render a specific normative judgment. By bringing to ...(Read More)
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