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Adventures in Phenomenology
Adventures in Phenomenology (September 2017)
Gaston Bachelard
Eileen Rizo-Patron - Editor
Edward S. Casey - Editor
Jason M. Wirth - Editor

Repositions Bachelard as a critical and integral part of contemporary continental philosophy.

Like Schelling before him and Deleuze and Guattari after him, Gaston Bachelard made major philosophical contributions to the advancement of science and the arts. In addition to being a mathematician and epistemologist whose influential work in the philosophy of science is still being absorbed, Bachelard was also one of the most innova...(Read More)
Life of the Transcendental Ego
Life of the Transcendental Ego (June 1986)
Essays in Honor of William Earle
Edward S. Casey - Editor
Donald V. Morano - Editor

"The essays are well written, interesting, and to the point. Anyone concerned with phenomenological or existential philosophy could profitably read the book, as would those with a more general philosophical interest." -- Edward Goodwin Ballard

The Life of the Transcendental Ego presents essays by a number of distinguished writers in the continental tradition of philosophy. The essays include problems in transcend...(Read More)
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