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Encounters of Mind
Encounters of Mind (March 2015)
Luminosity and Personhood in Indian and Chinese Thought
Douglas L. Berger - Author

Discusses the journey of Buddhist ideas on awareness and personhood from India to China.

Encounters of Mind explores a crucial step in the philosophical journey of Buddhism from India to China, and what influence this step, once taken, had on Chinese thought in a broader scope. The relationship of concepts of mind, or awareness, to the constitution of personhood in Chinese traditions of reflection was to change profoundly ...(Read More)
"Veil of Maya, The" (May 2004)
Schopenhauer's System and Early Indian Thought
Douglas L. Berger - Author

Explores the interpretive problems, complexities, and legacies of Schopenhauer’s encounter with ancient India.

Schopenhauer, perhaps more than any other Western philosopher, has been associated with Asian, and specifically Indian philosophy. The problem in the last 150 years of commentarial literature has been assessing what his relationship to Indian thought was. Both European and Indian s...(Read More)
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