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The Buddhist World of Southeast Asia
The Buddhist World of Southeast Asia (January 2010)
Second Edition
Donald K. Swearer - Author

A wide-ranging, readable account of the Theravada Buddhist thought and practice in the Southeast Asian societies of Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka.

An unparalleled portrait, Donald K. Swearer’s The Buddhist World of Southeast Asia has been a key source for all those interested in the Theravada homelands since the work’s publication in 1995. Expanded and updated, the secon...(Read More)
The Legend of Queen Cama
The Legend of Queen Cama (June 1998)
Bodhiramsi's Camadevivamsa, a Translation and Commentary
Donald K. Swearer - Author
Sommai Premchit - Author

An English translation and a commentary on the chronicle of Queen Cama, an important but neglected female monarch who founded a dynasty in Northern Thailand.

The Legend of Queen Cama (Camadevivamsa), an early fifteenth-century Pali chronicle written by Mahathera Bodhiramsi, recounts the story of the founding of the kingdom of Haripunjaya in the C...(Read More)
The Buddhist World of Southeast Asia
The Buddhist World of Southeast Asia (July 1995)
Donald K. Swearer - Author

This is a synthesis and interpretation of Buddhism in Southeast Asia. No other book matches its depth and breadth or its balance of scholarly interpretation and readable personal portrayal

"This book surveys many themes. Although rooted in cultural and religious matters, it is also a good historical review of the Theravada tradition. Buddhism in Southeast Asia is spiritually and culturally very dynamic, but it also ha...(Read More)
Me and Mine
Me and Mine (August 1989)
Selected Essays of Bhikkhu Buddhadasa
Donald K. Swearer - Edited and with an introduction by
Bhikku Buddhadasa - Author

This work brings together in a single volume the translated essays of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, the major interpreter of Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia.

"This is an excellent exposition of present day Theravada Buddhism by a native Thai master. A book of this nature is quite rare to find, especially coming from a living scholar and practitioner. Buddhadasa's interpretation is innovative and thus controversial to traditionalists but it deals...(Read More)
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