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Experimental Phenomenology, Second Edition
Experimental Phenomenology, Second Edition (February 2012)
Don Ihde - Author

Expanded new edition of the landmark book demonstrating the practice of phenomenology through visual illusions and ambiguous drawings.

Since the initial publication of Experimental Phenomenology in 1977, Don Ihde’s groundbreaking career has developed from his contributions to the philosophy of technology and technoscience to his own postphenomenology. This new and expanded edition of Experimenta...(Read More)
Postphenomenology and Technoscience
Postphenomenology and Technoscience (March 2009)
The Peking University Lectures
Don Ihde - Author

Maps the future of phenomenological thought, accounting for how technology expands our means of experiencing the world.

A revised form of phenomenology, postphenomenology aims to overcome the limitations of subjectivism and its largely dystopian stance toward science and technology. Timely and insightful, this book provides a useful introduction to postphenomenology, asking how it can effectively transform classica...(Read More)
Listening and Voice
Listening and Voice (October 2007)
Phenomenologies of Sound, Second Edition
Don Ihde - Author

New and expanded edition of the now classic study in the phenomenology of sound.

Listening and Voice is an updated and expanded edition of Don Ihde’s groundbreaking 1976 classic in the study of sound. Ranging from the experience of sound through language, music, religion, and silence, clear examples and illustrations take the reader into the important and often overlooked role of the auditory in human l...(Read More)
Experimental Phenomenology
Experimental Phenomenology (June 1986)
An Introduction
Don Ihde - Author

Experimental Phenomenology has already been lauded for the ease with which its author explains and demonstrates the kinds of consciousness by which we come to know the structure of objects and the structure of consciousness itself. The format of the book follows the progression of a number of thought experiments which mark out the procedures and directions of phenomenological inquiry. Making use of examples of familiar optical illusions and m...(Read More)
Consequences of Phenomenology
Consequences of Phenomenology (January 1986)
Don Ihde - Editor

"A noteworthy contribution to the American response to the phenomenological movement. Professor Ihde is one of the leading scholars in American phenomenology today. His approach to the issues under discussion in this work is always fresh and sometimes highly original. What he has to say about perception, metaphor, metaphysics, technics, and technology will be of interest both to the specialist and the general reader." -- Calvin O. Schrag
Ranging from the development of theory by such wel...(Read More)
Hermeneutics and Deconstruction
Hermeneutics and Deconstruction (September 1985)
Hugh J. Silverman - Editor
Don Ihde - Editor

Hermeneutics and Deconstruction provides an assessment of two dominant modes of thinking and writing in continental philosophy today. It addresses central issues in the theory of interpretation and in the strategies of textual reading. Placed in the context of contemporary philosophical practice, this volume raises the question of the “end” of philosophy and offers different ways of understanding how the question of “clo...(Read More)
Existential Technics
Existential Technics (June 1983)
Don Ihde - Author

With Existential Technics, Don Ihde advances his reflections on the role technology plays in human life. Heretofore primarily the province of Continental thinkers, philosophy of technology is a growing preoccupation of North American philosophers. This collection of essays is a philosophical reflection on and critique of human experience from a clearly American perspective guided by phenomenological analysis.

This book is divided int...(Read More)
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