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Yogi Heroes and Poets
Yogi Heroes and Poets (November 2011)
Histories and Legends of the Naths
David N. Lorenzen - Editor
Adrián Muñoz - Editor

An exploration of the history, religion, and folklore of the Nāths, a Hindu lineage known for Hatha yoga practice.

This book provides a remarkable range of information on the history, religion, and folklore of the Nāth Yogis. A Hindu lineage prominent in North India since the eleventh century, Nāths are well-known as adepts of Hatha yoga and alchemical practices said to increase longevity. Long a h...(Read More)
Praises to a Formless God
Praises to a Formless God (February 1996)
Nirguni Texts from North India
David N. Lorenzen - Author

Discusses and translates important compositions by famous Nirguni poets--poets dedicated to the worship of a formless God.

"Finally a scholar of proven erudition in Hindi texts has brought to the English-speaking world a powerful and pleasing introduction to the radical spirituality of medieval Hinduism. With fresh and interesting translations, Lorenzen has breathed new life into that acerbic and striking saint, Kabir, ...(Read More)
Bhakti Religion in North India
Bhakti Religion in North India (December 1994)
Community Identity and Political Action
David N. Lorenzen - Editor

In India, religion continues to be an absolutely vital source for social as well as personal identity. All manner of groups--political, occupational, and social--remain grounded in specific religious communities. This book analyzes the development of the modern Hindu and Sikh communities in North India starting from about the fifteenth century, when the dominant bhakti tradition of Hinduism became divided into two currents: the sagun and the nirg...(Read More)
Kabir Legends and Ananta-Das's Kabir Parachai
Kabir Legends and Ananta-Das's Kabir Parachai (June 1991)
With a translation of the Kabir Parachai Prepared in Collaboration with Jagdish Kumar and Uma Thukral and with an Edition of the Niranjani Panthi Recension of this Work
David N. Lorenzen - Author

"It is particularly useful to have in one place, in English, a compilation of all major legends surrounding Kabir's life, and one which includes most of its significant variants. I also appreciate the tone of the discussion: at once sympathetic and scholarly, it avoids the poles, at which most such discussions have clustered, of unquestioning credulity and strident skepticism." -- Ken Bryant, University of British Columbia