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Gangs (April 1993)
The Origins and Impact of Contemporary Youth Gangs in the United States
Scott Cummings - Editor
Daniel J. Monti - Editor

This book is an examination of contemporary gangs in American cities. Gangs have proliferated over the past ten years and pose a new set of challenges to public officials, law enforcement agencies, and urban educators. Most major cities are now confronted with serious problems derived from gang violence, drug traffic, and disruption of the public educational system. In the face of deindustrialization and deepening recession, many minority youngst...(Read More)
Race, Redevelopment, and the New Company Town
Race, Redevelopment, and the New Company Town (August 1990)
Daniel J. Monti - Author

This book shows how private interests collaborated with public leaders, and often with neighborhood activists, in order to rebuild several neighborhoods comprising racially and economically-mixed populations in St. Louis. It shows that persons from different races and social classes can live together in redeveloped urban neighborhoods.

Detailed here are the politics and economics of redevelopment in what was one of the nation's most distresse...(Read More)
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