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German Idealism's Trinitarian Legacy
German Idealism's Trinitarian Legacy (November 2016)
Dale M. Schlitt - Author

A study of the roots and legacy of German Idealist philosophy for trinitarian theology.

Dale M. Schlitt presents a study of trinitarian thought as it was understood and debated by the German Idealists broadly—engaging Schelling’s philosophical interpretations of Trinity as well as Hegel’s—and analyzing how these Idealist interpretations influenced later philosophers and theologians. Divided into different...(Read More)
Hegel's Trinitarian Claim
Hegel's Trinitarian Claim (December 2012)
A Critical Reflection
Dale M. Schlitt - Author

Landmark study of Hegel’s arguments for God as Trinity.

Hegel’s philosophical interpretation of Trinity as a dialectically developing movement of Spirit is one of the most profound readings of Trinity in Western thought. In Hegels Trinitarian Claim, Dale M. Schlitt provides a careful, detailed presentation of this claim in Hegel’s major published works and in his lectu...(Read More)
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