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The Locations of Composition
The Locations of Composition (July 2007)
Christopher J. Keller - Editor
Christian R. Weisser - Editor

Explores the concepts of space and place within composition studies.

The Locations of Composition examines how spaces, places, and locations define, problematize, and shape composition studies. From a wide variety of perspectives, including critical theory, rhetoric, cultural geography, genre theory, postcolonial studies, and media studies, the contributors explore the disciplinary boundaries and authority of...(Read More)
Natural Discourse
Natural Discourse (March 2002)
Toward Ecocomposition
Sidney I. Dobrin - Author
Christian R. Weisser - Author

Examines the relationships between language and nature.

The first full-length book to address the relationships between environment and discourse, Natural Discourse explains why and how ecocomposition has become such a critical part of composition studies. Beginning by exploring the roots of ecocomposition, including a history of the use of the term ecocomposition, the book then examines ecological aspects of c...(Read More)
Ecocomposition (March 2001)
Theoretical and Pedagogical Approaches
Christian R. Weisser - Editor
Sidney I. Dobrin - Editor

Explores the intersections between writing and ecological studies.

Ecocomposition examines current trends in universities toward more environmentally sound work, explores the intersections between composition research--that is, discourse studies--and ecostudies, and offers possible pedagogies for the composition classroom. Never before have the intersections between ecotheory and composition studies in theory and pedagogy been a...(Read More)
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