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Creative Experiencing
Creative Experiencing (September 2011)
A Philosophy of Freedom
Charles Hartshorne - Author
Donald W. Viney - Editor
Jincheol O - Editor

A vigorous and wide-ranging defense of Hartshorne’s “neoclassical metaphysics” of creative freedom.

Charles Hartshorne, one of the premier metaphysicians of the twentieth century, surmised that Creative Experiencing: A Philosophy of Freedom made his contribution to technical philosophy essentially complete. Found among his papers, this book combines five chapters published here for the ...(Read More)
The Darkness and the Light
The Darkness and the Light (July 1990)
A Philosopher Reflects Upon His Fortunate Career and Those Who Made It Possible
Charles Hartshorne - Author

In this book Charles Hartshorne continues his contribution to the field with autobiographical reflections, showing the causal conditions which made his career possible.

"There is some advantage in associating philosophical beliefs with specific life situations. The reader will find suggestions for a philosophy of life and of religion. The religion is not the orthodox Protestant Christianity which I grew up in, although it is closely rela...(Read More)
Wisdom as Moderation
Wisdom as Moderation (July 1987)
A Philosophy of the Middle Way
Charles Hartshorne - Author

"In crystal clear, arresting, and often humorous prose, Hartshorne defends and elaborates the thesis that wisdom seeks the aesthetic mean between boredom and chaos. The best philosophy and the best way to live is an aesthetic mean between positions that are extreme by virtue of exaggeration or purification. His argument advances on two levels. On the theoretical level it explains a theory of aesthetic beauty as a kind of moderation and illustrate...(Read More)
Creativity in American Philosophy
Creativity in American Philosophy (June 1985)
Charles Hartshorne - Author

The reader will find that I combine hearty enthusiasm for the philosophical traditions of my country with sharp partial disagreement with nearly all their representatives. My effort throughout my career has been to think about philosophical, that is, essentially a priori or metaphysical, issues, using the history of ideas as a primary resource.

"This is the second of two volumes dealing with the history of philosophy, especially of metaphysi...(Read More)
Omnipotence and other Theological Mistakes
Omnipotence and other Theological Mistakes (June 1984)
Charles Hartshorne - Author

This book presents Hartshorne's philosophical theology briefly, simply, and vividly.

"Hartshorne speaks with not just conviction, but passion. He cares, and that caring comes through loud and clear. By and large Hartshorne is a very abstract thinker, but this book has a very concrete concern with practical issues of importance to all thinking persons--abortion, environment, love, creationism and fundamentalism as negative forces in our soci...(Read More)
Insights and Oversights of Great Thinkers
Insights and Oversights of Great Thinkers (June 1983)
An Evaluation of Western Philosophy
Charles Hartshorne - Author

One learns a great deal about a major philosopher by coming to appreciate his perspective on the history of philosophy. Here Charles Hartshorne gives us just such a perspective on the history of philosophy and thereby on himself. This is a reexamination of the history of philosophy, looking at neglected aspects of the philosophers' thought, interpreting their views in a sharply focused, controversial manner in order to show the origins and develop...(Read More)
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