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Foucault, Cultural Studies, and Governmentality
Foucault, Cultural Studies, and Governmentality (March 2003)
Jack Z. Bratich - Editor
Jeremy Packer - Editor
Cameron McCarthy - Editor

Applies Foucault's ideas to a cultural studies framework.
Offering new and unique approaches bridging the gap between cultural analysis and governmentality studies in the United States, this book opens up new lines of inquiry into cultural practices and offers fresh perspectives on Foucault’s writings and their implications for cultural studies. It provides critical frameworks to analyze cultural practices and strategies of governing...(Read More)
Constructing Race
Constructing Race (August 2001)
Youth, Identity, and Popular Culture in South Africa
Nadine E. Dolby - Author
Cameron McCarthy - Foreword by

For modern urban South African youth, the concept of "race" persists and falters.

As apartheid crumbled in South Africa, racial identity was thrown into question. Based on a year-long ethnographic study of a multiracial high school in Durban, this book explores how youth make meaning of the still powerful, yet changing, idea of race. In a world saturated with media images and global commodities, fashion and music become charged, polari...(Read More)
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