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Convergence amidst Difference
Convergence amidst Difference (September 2004)
Philosophical Conversations across National Boundaries
Calvin O. Schrag - Author

Engages contemporary European thought on a variety of philosophical topics.

Calvin O. Schrag, one of America's leading philosophers, traverses the literal and metaphysical boundaries of Bulgaria, England, France, Russia, and the Czech Republic and offers a new examination of hermeneutics, phenomenology, subjectivity, and transnational identity. He presents his notion of rationality—transversal rationality—wi...(Read More)
Philosophical Papers
Philosophical Papers (March 1994)
Betwixt and Between
Calvin O. Schrag - Author

Philosophical Papers is useful for readers interested in the story of twentieth century continental philosophy. The book leads the reader throughout the shifts and turns in the often serpentine development of the philosophical perspectives within continental thought that have now become the legacy of our time.

The author carries on a conversation, which at times congeals into a confrontation, with the principal proponents of the vario...(Read More)
Phenomenology in a Pluralistic Context
Phenomenology in a Pluralistic Context (June 1984)
William L. McBride - Editor
Calvin O. Schrag - Editor

Phenomenology in a Pluralistic Context contains papers selected from three years of meetings of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP). The essays are representative of the most current thinking among North American philosophers who have been influenced by the phenomenological movement. A majority of the selections reveals a considerable mutual influence between phenomenology and other philosophical currents. Speci...(Read More)
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